Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Is InterBlogCon?

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Here's the basics on InterBlogCon. It stands for International Blogger Convention.
It's a two-day blogger convention for anyone who wants to attend. It will happen in July (dates TBD.) It will happen on a Saturday and Sunday. There will be there categories: book bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagramers. There will be a cosplay and fan art contest happening on the first day (Saturday.) It will happen during 7:30am-12pm EST. There are four blocks per day. (Total of eight blocks.) Therefore, you can attend eight classes total during the whole event. That doesn't mean you can't jump in and out of classes if you'd like, but please note that we don't advise this. 
The hope for this event is for people to meet new people and learn new things.
Anyone can attend. There are no age limits. We welcome everyone. 

To signup for updates on InterBlogCon, fill out this quick form. There will be emails about hosting and being a moderator and Testing Day and dates! 
The best option for being informed is joining the subscription.

If you'd like to be a host, here's the form.
Sorry! But the hosts for InterBlogCon 2016 are already chosen! Try again next year!
Note: Hosts will be chosen by me (Wren.) Hosts will make sure people know about InterBlogCon and help teachers. They will answer any questions asked when I (Wren) am not available. Hosts will help out in any way possible to make attendees welcome. And, of course, hosts can attend classes.
Also, hosts will change every year. So if you're not a host for this year, maybe you'll be a host for next year! 

If you'd like to be a moderator, here's the form
Note: Moderators will watch over chats and make sure no funny business happens. We want a safe and PG (at most PG-13) environment for all ages. This is no age limit to attendees or staff (hosts/moderators/promoters/designers/teachers.)
Moderators are immediately accepted. 

If you'd like to be a teacher, here's the form.
Note: Teachers can teach anything from three categories: book blogger, booktuber, and bookstagramer. (New categories are being considered for next year.) Teachers will choose a topic of their choice. Classes can be repeated over many blocks. Classes can also be more than one hour/block.
Teachers will be accepted unless you don't reply or keep in contact with me. Being a teacher means keeping me in the loop! 
And it's fine if you don't know your topic yet. We can figure that out.
We hope to have 5-10 classes per block. So please apply!

If you'd like to help out with promotion and graphic design, you can just email me! 
My email is: 

Any and all questions can be sent to me at the aforementioned email address.

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