Thursday, February 18, 2016

InterBlogCon: FAQs

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What is the InterBlogCon?
Here's the basics on InterBlogCon. It stands for International Blogger Convention.
It's a two-day blogger convention for anyone who wants to attend. It will happen in July (dates TBD.) It will happen on a Saturday and Sunday. There will be there categories: book bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagramers. There will be a cosplay and fan art contest happening on the first day (Saturday.) It will happen during 9:30am-2pm EST. There are four blocks per day. (Total of eight blocks.) Therefore, you can attend eight classes total during the whole event. That doesn't mean you can't jump in and out of classes if you'd like, but please note that we don't advise this.
The hope for this event is for people to meet new people and learn new things.
Anyone can attend. There are no age limits. We welcome everyone.

When and Where is this going to happen?
The date is TBD. This is going to happen online.
The applications currently being used are Hangouts on Air and Chatzy. These have yet to be tested.

What is going to happen during the Con?
During the two days, there are eight blocks. Each block has many different classes you can choose from. Each division (blogger, bookstagram, and booktube) will have at least one or two classes. You can choose any class you like or hop on over to the chat and have fun meeting new people.
At the end of Day One/Saturday, there will be some recapping and fun activities like a cosplay and fan art contest where the attendees get to choose the winner! And possible giveaways.
At the end of Day Two/Sunday, there will be a closing ceremony and more giveaways!

Can I still join even if I don’t have a blog, a bookstagram or a Youtube channel?
Anyone is allowed to join! You don’t have to have a blog, bookstagram, or booktube. You just gotta love books!

Great! How do I sign up?
If you’d like to be a teacher, here’s the form.
If you’d like to be a chat moderator,
If you’d like to just be on staff, email
If you are ready to fill out the attendee form:

I would like to keep updated with what’s going on, where can I get more information? or

I’m interested in helping out during the preparations, what can I do?
You can help with promotion! That’s always needed. And there is always room for designers! You can send inquiries to

I’m interested in sponsoring a giveaway or a contest during the event, what should I do?
Awesome! Send all emails to or one of the other hosts (,) (,) and (